John Creighton: Seattle Voters Expect Twitter Presence

As a public figure, John Creighton is expected to maintain some sort of online presence. It’s the best way to ensure that he can respond to breaking news, and remind voters of his works in the months leading up to an election. There are many different sites public figures can use to reach out to the electorate, but according to John Creighton, Twitter remains the tool of choice. In fact, in Seattle, John Creighton is known as an early and an enthusiastic user of Twitter.

According to the official Twitter blog, the first tweet was sent on March 21, 2006, and it read, simply, “inviting coworkers.” Since that time, tweets have grown much longer, and they’ve also become much more prevalent. Now, Media Bistro reports, Twitter is seeing a remarkable 400 million tweets per day, which represents an increase of almost 18 percent in less than three months. At a time when pundits are claiming that Facebook is close to death, Twitter is claiming new users on a daily basis, and the company is beginning to make money due to the extensive traffic the site generates on a daily basis.

When shopping for a method by which to stay in touch with his constituents, Twitter seemed like an obvious choice for John Creighton. Here, he could share links to press releases and blog entries that outlined his accomplishments and hopes for the future, and he could encourage his followers to read up on the topics that would make them more informed voters. He could also interact with voters, without sharing the sort of private information that commonly makes up a Facebook page. Currently, Port Commissioner John Creighton submits multiple tweets each day, and Twitter users can follow him by clicking on this link.

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