Port Commissioner John Creighton on Public Service

Before being elected Port Commissioner, John Creighton worked as a lawyer who specialized in international transactions. It was rewarding work, allowing him the opportunity to travel as well as the opportunity to meet with some amazingly interesting and powerful people within the business community.  However, for John Creighton, Seattle would always be home, and in time, he felt the urge to return home and give back to the community he loved.

He returned to the Seattle area in the year 2000, and began working for Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe, LLP, as an associate in the firm’s corporate group. He later moved to K&L Gates LLP, once again working in the company’s business group. Soon, John Creighton felt the pull of public service, and he ran for a spot on the Seattle Port Commission. He chaired that commission between the years of 2007 and 2008.  The work of the Seattle Port Commission may not be well known, but it is critical work for our community, impacting almost 200,000 jobs in our region. In this city that is almost entirely surrounded by water, the Port is responsible for the ownership and operation of some $6 billion in cargo and equipment. For people like John Creighton, who want to make a difference, it’s a good place to start.

When asked to explain his approach to public service, John Creighton says, “I am dedicated to service, and the idea that elected officials should make decisions based solely on how they can better their community, not on how they can benefit themselves or any particular interest group. It might not be a glamorous statement to make, but I do work hard to ensure that my decisions reflect the needs of my constituents. I’m there to represent them, and ensure that they have their needs met.”